How We Help

Each sale helps a Paraguayan student in need.

Bati is rooted in our desire to provide more opportunities for disadvantaged Paraguayan youth. We've been involved for over a decade with The Macchi School, a grade 7-12 high school which provides scholarships to the smartest and most economically-disadvantaged students in Tobati, Paraguay. 
We've seen what's possible when these students gain access to the resources they need to succeed. It's the fuel drives them on their quest to make a better life for themselves. Some have become journalists, others doctors. Some have learned English and gone on to graduate from Ivy Leagues. But all of them have come back to their community and inspired real change. 
Bati's mission is to support this cycle by building bridges for students to succeed. Each sale provides educational resources to Macchi students in their journey to continue studying at the university level. We are providing English classes and college preparatory courses to students who are applying to various scholarship programs. Without these scholarships, they cannot afford to attend college. Our dream is to one day provide full academic grants so that the students' dream of graduating from college isn't contingent on their receiving these increasingly competitive scholarships.