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Helping to Build a Better Future in Tobati, Paraguay

   Team Tobatí is an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged youth in Tobatí, Paraguay while at the same time offering high school students from the United States the powerful experience of working directly for a greater good in the developing world.  With the active support of Tobatí community leaders and organizations, the Team constructs classrooms and schools, funds important social programs, and supports medical services and initiatives.  Each March, 100+ high school volunteers from Kingswood Oxford school spend two weeks in Tobatí working extensively on dozens of projects, which strengthen the medical and education infrastructure offered to the region's poor.
     Team Tobatí's aid to the region is not limited to the service trips. Throughout the entire year the Team finances significant development projects that make improvements in all areas of community life. The team's mission is exemplified by the Macchi School.  This institution, 100% funded by the Team, provides the best education in the state of Cordillera, Paraguay and does so exclusively for the poorest students in the region.  Team Tobatí teaches both American and Paraguayan youth that when working together todo es posible.
    The education of a single person can have a positive effect on the lives of thousands of people.

     This principle is the foundation of the Macchi School. Located in a part of the world plagued by poverty and short horizons, the Macchi School is a tool that is being used to transform the South American district of Tobati into a better place for future generations to live. 

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     The school provides a means for the community's brightest minds from the poorest neighborhoods and villages to be nurtured with the hope that they will not only complete a university program, but will return to Tobati afterward to take up the difficult task of solving some of the town's most serious problems. To reach this goal the Macchi School offers a rigorous academic curriculum while at the same time, imparts a strong sense of public service on all of its students.

     The Macchi School offers a top notch college preparatory education.  While the public schools in Tobati meet for less than four hours a day in over-crowded classrooms, the students at the Macchi School learn together for over eight hours a day in classes of less than fifteen students.  The school offers three good meals a day.  The school provides free uniforms, books, notebooks, and all other school supplies.  The school charges no tuition and is made available only to the poor students of Tobati.

     The school is 100% funded by Team Tobati.  Team Tobati built the beautiful facility in 2002 and 2003.  The team also built additional classrooms in March 2008, 2009, and 2010.  The Macchi School is the crowning achievement of Team Tobati.  It encapsulates the team's efforts and aspirations.  We could not be more proud of what this school does and what it symbolizes.


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