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puretešŸ‘šŸ½ soft leather weekend duffel bag with colored accents | bati signature design


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*this item's design was inspired by the infinite color palette of the south american countryside

name: purete (cool in guaranĆ­, the indigenousĀ language of paraguay)
leather color options:Ā šŸŒˆ
straps:Ā two hand straps (13.75" length), one long adjustable shoulder strap (with padded leather piece for comfort)
insideĀ material: unfinishedĀ leatherĀ Ā 
size: 24" x 12" x 12"Ā 
weight: 2.56 lbs

vibe: it happens to the best of us. you've been swamped at work all week preparing for your best friend's wedding across the country. before you know it, your flight's in three hours and you haven't started to pack.Ā 

this is where theĀ pureteĀ comes to save the day. the spacious interior is perfect for a week's worth of clothes and all of your travel items. the bag's soft leather is strong and flexible, allowing items of all shapes and sizes to fit comfortably together.

so call anĀ uber, throw your stuff in the duffel, and stroll through security with the coolest bag in the airport. we wouldn't want you to check this beauty, that's why we made it to fit all airline carry-on size dimensions!Ā 

the exterior of the bag is made from soft, vegetable-tanned leather from paraguay. there are two hand straps on the body of the bag. additionally, there's an adjustable over-the-shoulder strap. the inside of the bag is lined with plush unfinished leather.Ā Ā 

secret sauce: the beauty ofĀ bati leather is revealed slowly over time; the color, tone, and texture of eachĀ hideĀ evolve differentlyĀ  depending on use, leather care, and exposure to the sun. no two goods will ever be the same.

the softness thatĀ batiĀ bags oozeĀ after months of use can't be bought; it's got to be earned.Ā 

weĀ believe thatĀ el secreto del mundoĀ is revealedĀ only to those who embrace life's challenges and use them as fuel to get better.Ā batiĀ vibesĀ off this.Ā our goods areĀ built to age andĀ changeĀ with time. hand-crafted from locally-sourcedĀ vegetable-tanned leather,Ā theyĀ embody true beauty, the kind that weathers the effects of time and the ups and downs of life.Ā 

batiĀ is for the realist who still looks to the stars for inspiration, the person who dutifully turns the soil for planting and is not surprised to find a gem.Ā each product is like a story passed down through generations. It never gets old and is never forgotten.


shipping & handling:Ā freeĀ shipping

if an item is in stock, we ship out within one business day of the purchase. items that are out of stock can still be purchased; in these situations the item is made to order. our artisans begin crafting the good the following business day.

fun facts!

numero uno: over 50% of paraguayan leather is exported to italy every year.
numero dos:Ā ferrari and porsche deck out the interior of their carsĀ with paraguayan leather.Ā 
numero tres: the strength of the paraguayan sun is the source of the quality of the nation's leather. the rays soak paraguayan cattle, strengthening their hide and raising the quality and durability of the material.

custom orders:Ā logo, initials, name, more
batiĀ handles custom orders of all shapes and sizes. businesses love getting bati goods for their employees to say thank you after a year of good work. we can create a company logo and emboss them on any of our leather goods. They make employees happy and give them something memorable they'll use for the rest of their lives.Ā reach out to get details.

monogram pricing:Ā 
initials:Ā 0-10Ā letters: $10
name:Ā 10-20 letters: $20
logo:Ā $130Ā